Personal Weight Gain Diet

When trying to gain weight, your diet plays a very important role. In fact your diet is the most important factor in determining whether or not you will gain weight. Choosing the right foods and eating proper proportions is vital in order to see optimum results. Your diet should consist of a healthy … [Read more...]

Free Weight Gain Tips

Everyone want to loss weight, but what about those who are desperate to gain a few kilos? Before we discuss that, let us first understand how do you know you are underweight? Simply. Calculate your Body Mass Index. If it is less than 18.5, you are underweight. Your BMI or body mass index is your … [Read more...]

Learn How to Stop Gaining Weight Today

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of losing (or at least, stopping gaining) weight. Before I go into "How" a person can stop gaining weight, I would like to remind you of the following health information: Overweight persons are far more likely to suffer from serious health issues than persons … [Read more...]

How Hardgainers Gain Weight

Now and days hardgainers are considered as people who are skinny with a high metabolisms, and I understand how bad it may suck to be one. There are many bodybuilding "experts" that claim they can help people who have trouble gaining weight, but a times such information from those "experts" may not … [Read more...]

How Can Skinny Guys Gain Weight

Often, I hear questions coming from skinny guys all around the world. Is it possible for them to gain weight? Gaining weight is not an impossible task. The best way to gaining weight would be to build muscles. As you should know, muscles are much heavier than fats. As a result, they look much nicer … [Read more...]

How Can Hardgainers Gain Weight

If you are unable to put on weight even though you stuff yourself with food or worse, junk food everyday, then you are probably an ectomorph or what is commonly known as a hardgainer. An ectomorph has naturally high metabolism and tends to burn off whatever they ate very quickly. However, some … [Read more...]